EU/UK-Turkish Integrated Infrastructure Solutions

Bridging the gap between UK, EU, and Turkish markets

Welcome to EV insaat;
Where we seamlessly combine Efficient and Effective procurement with a robust green transition approach

We specialise in efficiently procuring key materials like construction steel, specialised steel for offshore and energy projects, ceramics, and sanitary ware, coupled with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Our expertise extends beyond traditional sourcing, emphasiing innovative renewable energy practices to reduce environmental impact. Our goal is zero energy consumption and a significant reduction in carbon footprints, in line with global sustainability objectives.


Bridging the gap between UK, EU, and Turkish markets. Our mission is to shift the international perception of Turkey from solely a tourism destination to a hub of quality, commitment, and environmental sustainability.

We operate in three key sectors

Structural materials

Renewable Energy Solutions

Environmental Sustainability




Business Solutions

EV Insaat stands at the intersection of essential procurement of vital building components, from structural materials to innovative exterior solar solutions, and commitment to the environment, making a tangible difference in our pursuit of a greener, more sustainable future.

Construction Elegance

A Foundation of Strength and Aesthetics. From forming the backbone of the buildings to the fusion of aesthetic appeal and functional strength.

Construction Steel





Sanitary ware


Specialised Steel

From oil and gas pipelines to heavy-duty structures, we provide steel products that meet the specific requirements of your projects.

Offshore structural pipes, clutches



Sheet Piles



Transmission Pipelines



The Green Transition

Implementing sustainable practices aimed to reduce emissions and shift to the use of renewable energy for industrial and commercial sectors in Turkey.

Renewable Energy


Emission Solutions


Green Development


The Green Transition

Implementing sustainable practices aimed to reduce emissions and shift to the use of renewable energy for industrial and commercial sectors in Turkey.

Making Tomorrow Different Today

Problems We Solve

Complex Procurement Challenges

In the rapidly evolving markets of the EU, UK, and Turkey, businesses often struggle with procurement processes that are inefficient, costly, and non-transparent. We simplify this complexity, delivering streamlined and effective procurement solutions.

We simplify complexity

Delivering effective solutions

Reduce costs

Renewable energy solutions

High energy costs and an increasing carbon footprint are problems that many companies face, we offer a sustainable path forward. Our Green Concept integrates Renewable Energy Solutions aligning with your sustainability goals while ensuring cost-efficiency and compliance with global standards.

Renewable energy


Environmentally Sustainable

Operational Inefficiencies

Many businesses suffer from operational bottlenecks that affect productivity and profitability. Our Integrated Infrastructure Solutions are designed to optimize your operations, making them leaner and more efficient.

Consultation & Planning

Optimize your operations

More efficient solutions

Sustainable Materials

As companies strive to meet sustainability goals, there is a pressing need for solutions that minimize environmental impact. We are committed to reducing carbon footprints through our eco-friendly practices and renewable energy solutions.

Eco-friendly practices

Minimize environmental impact

Renewable energy solutions

Sustainable, reliable & affordable energy systems, Find Your Solution Now!

Environmental Responsibility

Green Concept

Being green is at the heart of EV insaat. We prioritize sustainable materials and methods in every project, committing ourselves to a future where business success and environmental stewardship go hand-in-hand.

From our procurement strategies to our renewable energy solutions, every decision is made with the planet in mind.

Sustainable materials

Renewable energy solutions

Emission reductions

The future

Our Vision for a Sustainable Future

Paving a Greener Path Forward

EV Insaat is dedicated to lead the charge in environmental responsibility. Our vision is centred around advancing a sustainable future, deeply aligned with the global commitment to combat climate change.

Paris Climate Agreement

Sustainable Future

Environmental Responsibility

Green Concept Leadership in Turkey

Our Green Concept initiative in Turkey sets a new standard in eco-friendly practices. Targeting key sectors such as suppliers, hotels, and commercial/governmental buildings, we are driving a revolutionary change in environmental sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Revolutionary Change

Sustainability Leadership

Achieving Sustainability Milestones

We empower our clients to reach and surpass their sustainability goals. Focusing on reducing carbon emissions and harnessing solar energy, EV Insaat is at the forefront of sustainable development, making real-world environmental impact.

Carbon Emission Reduction

Renewable Solar Energy

Sustainable Development